2020– Judged Showing:  5 Color Wonder – Bring an item knit with at least 5 different colored yarns. There is no specification on what item needs to be knit, no gauge or machine requirement or technique requirement. Knit any item on any machine using any technique with the only requirement being that it be knit from at least 5 different yarns in 5 different colors/colorways. Please bring a small clipping of each of the yarns used in the item, list the machine used, and any special techniques (one item/outfit per attendee). Each attendee’s item will be anonymously displayed for all to see and evaluate. Being on display gives everyone an opportunity to look items over carefully and really appreciate the workmanship and effort that went into each garment. All attendees will cast votes for the “best” item by the end of the day on Friday. Winners will be announced at Saturday morning meeting with 1st place receiving $75 and 2nd place $50 to be spent with our seminar vendors. For 2020 SEE the creative possibilities with COLOR.

HATS: This year we are looking for children’s hats of ALL SIZES. Each year we collect children’s hats to donate to the Cortland City Police Department. Officers used to go into the kindergarten classes to distribute those hats to the youngest school kids. With the merging of several schools in the Cortland City School District we have adjusted the distribution of the Hats to the vulnerable children. Officers carry the hats in their cruisers and give them out to children as needed as well as at special events with McGruff in the schools. This is a great way for the Officers and kids to start their interaction and relationship off on a positive note and the kids love getting to pick out their very own hat. Thank you to all who have donated in the past – keep ‘em coming! Each year the officers are seeing more of a need. For each children’s hat you donate you earn a raffle ticket toward the random drawing for $50 to be spent with the seminar vendors. 25 hats donated = 25 chances to win – and all the kids get to win too!
Please donate hats without names on them as we wish to keep the children safe! Any children’s size is welcome as there are kids in need of warmth of every age & size. Thank you for your faithful generosity.