Carol Scott: …

  • Nifty Neckline Tricks – Traditional

Necklines are the focal point of any garment. Learn shortcuts for traditionally shaped necklines. See what you can do creatively with bands, rolls, trims and easy bind-offs. Necklines will never scare you again!

  • Nifty Neckline Tricks – Cut-and Sew

Cut and sew necklines give you options that traditional necklines do not. Never worry about matching patterns again. With just a few tricks, they’re easier and more professional than ever before.

  • Trendy Tuck Stitch

The tuck stitch is formed when the yarn passes over the needle, but does not knit, on selected needles. The unknit strands of yarn are knitted on subsequent rows to form a lifted or “tucked” stitch. Many interesting patterns and effects can be knit with this easy, but often overlooked, technique. Be amazed with what you can do!

  • Hems, Bands and Trims

Learn about those special finishing touches that give your knits a polished, professional look. Whether it’s the perfect hem, or the designer band or trim, these techniques can make a simple knit just fabulous.

  • Great Beginnings

Stuck on the e-wrap cast on? This class will give you many options for starting your next project. Each beginning has its’ own look and characteristics. Learn what to use and when for the perfect beginning of every knit project.

  • Squares & Rectangles

Unleash your creativity by using simple squares and rectangles to create useful and interesting projects. Experiment with stripes, fairisle, tuck, lace, slip stitch patterns without the worry of shaping. These are great projects for both the new and experienced knitter.

  • Working with Hand-painted, Gradient and Self-striping Yarns

Have you ever wondered what to do with those gorgeous yarns you have in your stash or have eyed with envy when you see them? Whether you have lots or just a little, you will learn many ways to get creative with stripes, fairisle, tuck, slip and surface techniques to create show-stopping one-of-a-kind projects.