Please contact the seller for information on these items. They can be picked up at the seminar to save you shipping. These items are from some of our Silver Needles members.

Wendy Taber's 2 For Sale items.  315-750-0795.  These were my mom's and she knit on them everyday.

1. HK100 plastic bed knitting machine.  No row counter.  Light weight bulky knitter. $75

2. Studio 700 Knitting machine with SRP 50 Ribber $400 for this nice working set.




CONTACT MELISSA SPAFFORD 1-607-756-2306,  CELL 607-345-8431 E-MAIL –


Please contact Anita Cornell at 5858-764-3831 or for information on any of the following items or if you are looking for anything specific:

Brother KH260 knitting machine with KR260 ribber All in excellent condition, single owner, complete, cleaned, tested, new sponge bars and in original boxes $900 Photos can be viewed here:

Brother 970 electronic machine with KRC-1000E Electronic 6 color changer. The 970 carriage was deep cleaned and is working perfectly.  The only item missing is the Tripper for the intarsia carriage.  It has all manuals and the original box.  The color changer is complete and in its original box.   $1,150 Photos can be viewed here:

Knit King 900/850 ribber - standard gauge - cleaned, tested, complete and in original box $190 Photos can be viewed here:

KnitKing Compuknit III (Brother 930) standard gauge electronic machine.  Cleaned and tested - working well.  Can be used with the ribber above   Email for photo's  $400

Singer SK860 mid gauge knitting machine. This machine has been gently used and is in very good working condition. All items shown in manual are included except: - design pencils - sensor cleaner There is a crack in the lid of the case which does not effect knitting in any way (see photos). The sponge bar is fairly new and in very good condition. The stand shown in photo's is not included. $850 Photos can be viewed here: 

Yarn Tree, rotating, holds 76 cones of yarn $75 each (2)

Brother KH-860 carriage - lightly cleaned, will work on any Brother punchcard machine - knitting and patterning well. $100 carriage only - no sinker plate

Brother KH-864 carriage -  lightly cleaned, will work on any Brother punchcard machine -  knitting and patterning well. $100 carriage only - no sinker plate

Machine Knitting outside lids (full length cover) for model KH860 and KH864 both in very good condition and may fit other machines $20 each

Genie KH710 knit bed (no carriages or tools) $30

Genie KR710 ribber bed with brackets (no carriages or tools) $30

Color Changers:

Brother KHC 820a Single Bed color changer complete with box, manual and punchcards $60

Knit King KCC (same as Brother KHC 820) Single Bed color changer complete with box, manual but NO punchcards $50

KRC 840 color changer - this is the one that allows two colors to change automatically without pressing buttons. Great for double bed jacquard work in box with manual but no punchcards. $200 (pending sale)

Knitking RRC double bed color changer complete with manual, no punchcards or box $60

Knitking RRC double bed color changer complete with manual and original box, no punchcards $70

The Missing Link bracket with instructions - Allows the Brother KE-100 Knitting motor to be used in the flat position. $40

4.5 gauge garter bar sets complete $30 - $40 each Each has box, english instructions, 3 piece silver transfer bars and 3 piece gold needle stoppers. Cheaper sets have a couple missing "teeth" on one of the silver transfer bars (5)

4.5 Garter Bar set in box with English Instructions complete except for 1 gold needle stopper. $20

Shadow Lace Transfer tool complete in box, excellent condition $50

Brother disk drive $90 belt changed, tested and working; a/c adapter included but works better with batteries.

Brother/KnitKing standard gauge ribber covers - $20 per set

Brother/KnitKing bulky ribber covers - $30 per set

Brother/KnitKing extension rails - $20 per set

adjustable 7 stitch transfer tools - $10 each

Speedo sticker $10

Yarn winders:

Professional wool winder super jumbo complete with instructions, tension controller and 2 bobbins

Daruma home twister complete in original box, 2 bobbins, works as twister and ball winder $25

Mini cone winder with instructions and 5 bobbins $40

Royal Jumbo wool winder branded knitking, original box; winds 500 gram balls

Tricot Intarsia yarn brake complete with instructions and box $15

Tricot Intarsia yarn brake complete with instructions but no box $12

Tricot De-Knit tools with instructions (2) $10 each

KL116 KnitLeader - Oiginal box with manual, missing ruler and felt pen.

KL116 KnitLeader - has manual, no box, missing ruler and felt pen. Bonus mylar sheets with womans v neck sweater pattern drawn out (sizes M, L, XL)

Extra Large rectangular claw weights (8) $4 each

Brother card punches - standard gauge $10 each (6)

triangle weight hangers - all metal (4)

triangle weight hangers - metal teeth with plastic weight hanger (8)

standard gauge cast on combs - knit bed all lengths

standard gauge cast on combs - ribber bed all lengths

intarsia carriage brother 8210 for standard gauge $25

Intarsia Carriage brother KA2600 for bulky gauge $30 each (2)

rat tail brushes $15 (4)

ribber weights - small $3 each and large $4 each

standard gauge hand tools $2 each

de-knit carriages $10 each (2)

Please ask if you are looking for something specific that is not listed here!


Items for sale from Brenda LaMay:

.Brother 930E electronic knitting machine $800 VGC


.Knitking Compuknit III electronic knitting Machine $650

. Brother KH 840 punch card machine $100

. Brother KH 860 punch card machine $100

. Brother KH 860 punchcard machine $200

.KnitKing Bulky Ribber BR-9 new in box $800

.KA 8210 Standard intarsia carriage   $40

.KA 2600 Bulky Intarsia carriage       $75

.KA 8300 Brother Transfer carriage     $40

.Brother KRC 830 color changer   $95

.Brother KRC 900 color changer   $95

.Singer, Silver Reed, or KnitMaster color changer,

model YC-5 $40.

Standard Garter bar set new-$75  $40 used

.PASSAP Model E6000 Complete with motor drive, linker, color

Changer and many extras. Pick up only. $4500.00


Knit Leader Brother new $90

.Knit Leader Brother used $75

.Brother 910 carriage and Lace Carriage $25.

.Brother Hand winder $20

.electric yarn winder with knit king/ jumbo cone winder $225

.Boyer electric winder new in box $75

.hand winder/wool winder/no brand #600(W-600) new in box $75

.Knit king JUMBO hand winder $125


.Multiple selections of yarn at the seminar.

Cones, skeins,acrylic, cotton, chenille, etc.

Accessories, and kits with patterns.

Contact: Brenda 1-315-529-1240 or


For Sale Items

From Joanne Andersen

All knitting machines have been cleaned , tested and are in fine working condition

Some have new needle pressure bars and some need new ones.


Knit King 260 punch card bulky knitting machine and matching ribber $750.00


Singer 155 bulky knitting machine. Hardly used and complete. Singer matching ribber $600.00 for the set


Toyota ribber, KR506 new in box $300.00


Brother 270 bulky electronic knitting machine with matching 260 ribber -$1300.00


Brother 965I electronic standard $800.00


Brother 910 electronic standard $250.00


Brother 860 punch card machine $125.00


Singer Electronic standard 560 $220.00


Brother 588 standard $125.00


Singer 150 bulky w/matching ribber, main bed has no top $200.00


Brother KR 850 ribber $225.00


Singer SRP 50 ribber $150.00


Brother KA8310 linker $30.00


Knit king Auto LI linker $30.00


Brother disk drive. $100.00


Standard knitting machine stand  $90.00


Extra heavy bulky knitting machine stand $115.00


560 lace carriage $75.00


Brother 88 garter carriage $120.00


Brother 95 garter carriage $200.00


Brother 8210 Intarsia carriage $25.00


Brother 2600 Intarsia carriage $25.00


Brother 8310 linker $25.00


Brother PPD 100 programming device $75.00


PS 150 pattern selector $50.00


KA8300 Brother transfer carriage $25.00


BR-9 bulky garter bar, complete $225.00


BR-9 bulky garter bar, 2 garter bars only, no needle stoppers $125.00


Handy punch $10.00


AG30 intarsia carriage for LK150 $35.00


Yarn winder w/8 cones $20.00


All above items if shipped will need shipping and insurance added to their price