Intro to Machine Knitting by Sandy Eldred and Wendy Taber

Interested in starting AND finishing a sweater or several pairs of socks in one day? That’s possible using a simple pattern, a good quality yarn and a knitting machine. Many of your favorite hand knitting patterns can be converted to machine knitting once you learn the language. We’ll look at the 3 basic types of knitting machines: flat beds, double beds, and circular knitting machines. Join us to explore what knitting machines excel at and what is challenging. Learn how to set up for success in your machine knitting adventure. There’s a lot more to it than throwing yarn at a machine. Similar to hand knitting we get involved with every stitch.

The Silver Needles Machine Knitting Club has 2 knitting machines to GIVE AWAY, as well as FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIPS IN THE CLUB! Everyone attending this intro class on Friday will have a chance at one machine, and the same again on Saturday. Attend both sessions for two chances. There will be opportunities during class to knit on all 3 of the different machines. The learning curve to machine knitting can be steep, but the result is worth the effort. Our club meets almost every month to machine knit, learn, and enjoy the camaraderie of other knitters. Besides these free machines, check out the knitting machines for sale by our members.

Take your YARN CRAFT in a new and exciting direction with the art of machine knitting – the possibilities astound.