Membership Dues (2019) can be paid in person at the January or February meetings. After February 28th , dues an be paid with any of the following options: PLEASE DO NOT Use any PayPal account except the one listed below:
The Dues for one year (February to February) are $40 Before March 1st. On or after March 1st, the dues are $50. You can come to a meeting for $5. Per meeting. PLEASE NOTE that discounts on events are only available for members whose dues are paid prior to March 1st.
0PTION 1: A check made out to (Brenda is our treasurer) Silver Needles Knitting Club - Brenda LaMay And mailed to :

Brenda LaMay
309 South 12th Street
Fulton NY 13069

OPTION 2: Use a PayPal Account:
Choose and specify the receiver AS A FRIEND (not a business) to . You will see Donna Rogers name associated to this account as Assistant Treasurer.
If using the Credit card option under Paypal, you specify the receiver to be Silver Needles Machine Knitting Club at KeyBank; under

OPTION 3: Zelle. Zelle is a free service through many BANKS which allows you to
transfer money from your bank to our account at Key Bank. Check with your bank to see it includes this service. Use the above information in Option 2 for the Silver Needles Machine Knitting Club to send your money that way. When you do, we receive an email of your transfer and the treasurer will confirm your membership though the email you provide. About 1/4 of our members used Zelle is 2019.

OPTION 4: POPMONEY. Many large CREDIT UNIONS offer this free service, similar to the Zelle for Banks. We have confirmed affiliation with two credit unions this year.
Check with your local credit union if they provide this service. Likewise we will
confirmed your membership dues received through email.

OPTION 5; Find a friend who will do one of the above options for you under their
financial institution.