Plaiting on the Single Bed:

Having one yarn fall to the purl side of your fabric consistently can be useful in so many ways. Come learn how to be successful with this “yarn managing technique” that can then be used in combination with any stitch style (tuck, slip, stockinet, lace…..). I intend to also inspire you to try your hand at this versatile and functional technique.

Double bed head:

Let’s get more comfortable with our double bed set-up. The ribber is not only your friend it can be an amazing partner allowing/enabling you to achieve that which you cannot on just the single bed – including stabilizing your open, drapy fabrics.

Double bed Tuck and plaiting:

Now that we have made friends with our double bed, let’s explore some amazing possibilities with texture and color. Tuck stitch on the double bed is lacey and open and plaiting can add shadow and light effects to make your garments POP!

Pushing your buttons:

Learn what your machine is doing with the information you are feeding it through your punch card or electronic stitch patterns. This knowledge will expand three fold or more how you can knit with your machines. No longer are you limited to knitting only that which someone else has decided should be a tuck or slip pattern. You will be empowered to decide for yourself how to use the charts and cards thereby having the tools to create one of a kind stitch interpretations on your one of a kind garments.

NOW – needles out of work:

Let’s explore the possibilities of having some of our needles not working. This can allow the machine to use heavier yarns, it can lead to open and airy fabric and can be part of a changing texture. There is much to explore with this simple technique of having needles NOT working.

Bust your stash:

We all have yarns that we don’t know anything about. Yarns that we acquired when we bought our machines that are not any color we would ever like to knit with. We all have funky textured yarns and strange dis-colored yarns. Let’s play with “painting” those miss-fits together into something unique and also beautiful. Adding yarns together can get you to the gauge you are looking for to knit a certain pattern as well as add interest and depth to the yarn colors themselves. Unlock your inner artist and open your mind to uses for those “ugly” yarns that we all have stashed away.