Circular Sock Knitting Machine Classes (3)

What a pleasure to be sharing what I’ve learned with you about circular sock machines (csm) in this first year of including csms at our Silver Needles Machine Knitting Seminar! I’ve got 2: both New Zealand Auto Knitters and love them. I’ve also knit a lot on my Mom’s 1924 Autoknitter, and played a bit on Erlbacher machines. A picture containing indoor, bed, sitting, small

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For all sessions: Bring your csm to class, if you like, and practice the demos right there. Your csm should be in good working condition as the classes are not intended for csm set-up or problem-solving. Bring a yarn that knits well on your machine, separating yarn and your tools. You can leave your machine in the class room, at your risk, for the 2 days. If you are a sock knitter using knitting needles or a flatbed or double bed knitting machine, you may find some hints that will enhance your sock knitting, so join us.

(If you need assistance in getting your csm working, you are welcome to contact me at least 2 weeks before the seminar so we can sort out what issues you are having.)

Cylinder knitting (No Ribber) Not Just for Beginners

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Description automatically generated Set-up, timing, tension, and weight.

Casting on with a tool or a bonnet.

Exploring a variety of yarn weights.

Mock ribbing and how it affects sock size.

The basic styles: Knee Hi’s, Crews, Shorties, and No-shows

Intro to lace and tuck stitch knitting, with some examples.

Not ready to do heels? What about afterthought heels or tube socks?

Finishing: Kitchener (outside or inside).

Don’t Fear that Ribber

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Description automatically generated Set up, timing, tension, weights, lubrication and cleaning

Basic sock, ribbed from top to toe. (I’ll be sharing my pattern for my most popular sock).

Shorties, crews and knee-hi’s.

Not just 1×1 rib: What are the rib variations with your ribber?

Making socks that fit: Exploring stretch: 70/30 wool nylon, heat-activated lycra, and stretch nylon; stitch patterns; Ease; toe shape; heel shape.

Other project ideas for using your ribber

Ideas for Production Knitting with your CSM

I sell socks as part of my income. What style of sock sells? Let’s share our thoughts on this.

How can I duplicate that pair of socks that I made Gwen a year ago? She loves them and wants another pair just like them. Getting to know a yarn: reading the ball band. Comparing yarns; the $1000 sampler; measuring socks pre and post washing and record keeping.

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Description automatically generated Color changing: How to change colors efficiently and let’s talk about Frankensocks

The sock string, and separator thread choices for faster separation,

Ways to minimize needle changes to speed up your knitting, including my system for an alternating string of cuff down and toe up socks. Fast finishing.