Charlene Shafer
Charlene's Class Desciptions
Carol Scott
Carol's Class Description
Susan Adams
Susan’s Class Descriptions
Wendy Taber
Wendy’s Circular Sock Machine Class Descriptions
Friday AMDAK Nifty Neckline Tricks TraditionalGet pushing your buttonsCylinder Knitting (no ribber)
Hems, Bands and TrimsNOW - needles out of workDon't Fear that Riber
Friday PMMidgaugeGreat BeginningsPlaiting on single bedIntro to Machine Knitting
Intro to Machine Knitting by Sandy Eldred and Wendy Taber
AfghansHand painted & graedient yarnsDouble bed headIdeas for production knitting w/ CSM
Saturday AMDAKGreat BeginningsDouble bed headIdeas for production knitting w/ CSM
Trendy Tuck StitchDouble bed tuck & plaitingDon't Fear that Riber
Rib alternativesNifty Neckline Tricks - Cut & sewNOW - needles out of workIntro to Machine Knitting
Hats, Scarves…Squares and RectanglesBust your stashCylinder Knitting (no ribber)